Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Make Your Pastor a Statistic?

Don't Make Your Pastor a Statistic?
This is a great article. I hope people will read it and consider what it says. Unfortunately, we are one of "statistics".

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Three "C's"

The words for this year are "CONTENTMENT" (mine) and "COURAGE" (my husband's).  I'm failing at the whole contentment thing right now.   I need a change in perspective.  Maybe my husband's "word"  would be a better one for me.  Things at work are challenging at best.
There's a third "word".... I realized this the other day as I was helping my daughter with a costume for her High School dance class.  She is wearing a shirt with the word "CHANGE" on it.  I'm thinking this might be a very accurate word for this year.  We are not sure if my husband will have a job in another 6 months.  There are some changes at "work" for him.  This could be a very exciting time and I really would like to have that attitude.  Right now I don't.  These 3 words are going to all be important for me/us in the next year.  We'll (I'll) need Courage to face whatever is ahead as we anticipate Change.  We'll (I'll) also need Contentment to simply rest in what the Lord is doing and trust that He will not only guide but provide.