Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wear the Cone of Shame

I hate to admit it, but I lied.
We were in a panic this morning because our dog licenses expired today.  In order to renew dog licenses you have to have current rabies vaccinations.  We needed to get all three dogs "shot" and there were no openings today.  So, "someone" (whom I will not name) suggested that I just go and fill in the forms and put the Rabies vaccination expiration date as next summer... "they never ask for those forms anyway".
I went to City Hall, filled in the forms, faked the expiration date for the vaccines, handed the forms back and she asked for the proof of vaccination.  (ugh!)  I (ashamedly) told her the truth, that we are getting our dogs in next week and can't we get the licenses today?  No, got to get the vet to fill in the forms and then come back next week.  Turns out we have until the end of July to get their licenses renewed.
I hate to lie.  I detest dishonesty.  And yet, I did it... I lied on an official government form (and got caught).   I shall not leave the house the rest of today... I wear the cone of shame.

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Sleepyeyed Rhon said...

LOL ..funny funny funny.....grown adult gets got lying ...toooo funny but it sure gave me a good laugh ...thanks so much for making my boring Thursday afternoon good....