Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marine Band

Talk about a strange and wonderful experience.  Today at Mt Whitney High School I got to see and hear the Marine Corps Band.  Now, when I heard that they would be there (invited by our band director) I naturally assumed it was THE Marine Corps Band (the big one, with all the instruments, you know, John Phillip Sousa marches and the whole bit).  What a surprise it was to walk into the Gym where they were set up only to see sound equipment, drums, keyboard, electric guitars and mics.  Standing there in and around all the equipment were about 6 impeccably dressed Marines in their dress blue uniforms.  This was the Marine Corps Band alright... the Marine Corps rock band from San Diego.  

We chatted for a few minutes with one of the musicians (very friendly, and - boy was his uniform neat, clean and had really shiny buttons and medals!!) before they played.  These are real musicians, not a "garage band" at all.  What I found a bit incongruous was - once they started to play (and sing), I could close my eyes and "picture" a rock band, but then actually looking at them in their dress blues, short and very neatly trimmed hair, well... it was just the oddest sight ever!  These guys were good but totally messed up my mind's picture of a rock band!!  

It did make me think, though, that, yeah - join the Marines and you, too could be in a rock band.  I don't mean that disrespectfully.  These guys are soldiers first, musicians second.  They go through basic training and all the rest.  I was really very impressed but just left feeling a little like I was in an alternate universe.  

Sunday, September 26, 2010


What is it, really?  Which "church" is the right one?  What kind of music/worship is right?
With so many churches all around and new ones springing up all the time I am more confused than ever. (Two new churches just started in our little town, both "contemporary" in their music/methods.) Honestly I don't know which "church" I would even want to go to right now.  We are attending and helping out at a church right now, which is wonderfully kind and loving to all who enter, but there are few youth.  Do we find another church where there's something more for our kids?
We have always been convinced, and remain so, that what's truly important is the preaching and teaching of God's inerrant Word;  sincere worship (which does not necessarily mean emotional, upbeat, loud, music with a "worship band" and a certain style of dress.... nor does it necessarily mean hymn books, organ and people in suits and ties);  love for God, love for each other and love for the world around us, reaching out to them and sharing God's word with them.  These are the basics as far as we're concerned.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Fall?

I'm just going to pretend it really is Fall, and decorate my house with the few Fall decorations I have.
I choose NOT to acknowledge the temperatures in the upper 90's (maybe into the triple digits this week).  I will just decorate and hope that the weather catches up with the season!

Yes, those are "resin" grapes, made by the employees of my family's drug store back in the 60's. They are almost back in style!  Fall is just not Fall without those!

 The Flag is about 15 years old.  It's probably time to replace this, but with it fading and getting brittle it sort of matches the leaves.

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This was so touching!  Wish we could all be like Dolores!

7-11 CEO Joe DePinto Undercover Boss on Long Island

Joe DePinto, CEO of 7-Eleven, was featured on Sunday’s episode of CBS’ reality TV series Undercover Boss.
The series reveals what happens when CEOs go incognito as employees of their own companies. DePinto chose to show up as a new employee at several Long Island locations, including one in Southampton.

“He’s amazed by the amount of coffee we sell,” said Dolores, an 18-year employee of the franchise who knows every customer who walks through the door, has five children, is on dialysis–and has no idea her new hire is her boss undercover.
“That’s why we’re selling 2500 cups of coffee a day,” said DePinto to the cameras. “Not because we have great coffee, but because we have people like Dolores.”
Watch the full episode of Undercover Boss here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

LOST final

We just finished watching the final episode of "LOST".  I feel like I've said goodbye to friends! I cried through most of the episode and then wept through the last 10-20 minutes or so. 

Watching the characters re-connect with each other and remember what they had been through was so touching!  I loved seeing the joy and peace on their faces.  I couldn't help but think about my parents and others I've lost.  How I miss them and long to see them again, happy and whole.  Of course I know that heaven will be seeing the LORD face to face and basking in His glory. I don't know what it will really be like, but I do know that I will see loved ones again.  I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September stuff

We took the vines off of our front porch.  We like it, it's a cleaner look.  We may miss the jasmine smell in the Spring.  For now, we're trying something new.

Red Vines... the treat of choice for Mt Whitney choir office.  I can always use these for bribes! 

Ah, all is right with the world again!  I panicked this morning when I realized I was down to my last tea bag.  A trip to the store after work (thanks, honey!) and my husband brought home tea!  I can now face tomorrow!

"Where are you rebel friends now!?"
Paws took a break from torturing Woody.  Woody didn't talk, and still kept a smile on his face.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday morning thoughts

I read an interesting article in today's paper about how patients are taking charge of their medical care.  They question the doctors' decisions on tests, medication, etc.  While I can understand the need to be sure of WHY certain things are being done/prescribed, I see this as a real danger not only in the medical profession but in so many other arenas as well.  I see it in students who question what the teacher says, in churches where people question every little decision or point in a sermon, in children at home who buck against decisions and directions given by their parents.
It seems to be related to the overwhelming availability of information on the Internet (where Wikipedia has become THE source for all knowledge), the culture that consistently says to question authority, and the main problem.... pride.  We don't want to trust those "in authority" over us.  We think we know better ("but I looked on WebMD and that's not what I found!") and want to be our own authority, we don't want someone over us telling us what to do or not do.  We want to BE god!
OK, I  know there are times when you need to speak up, like abusive situations, etc.  but really, when "every one" knows better than the other, can we really function well in society?
We need to understand that no one knows it all, that Doctors went to Medical school and have worked hard to learn and care for their patients.  We need to realize that teachers DO know more than their students and have worked hard to choose the best things for them to learn what they need to learn.  It would be so much more beneficial if people in churches realized that their pastor and leaders have been called by God to their role and have poured years of their lives into what they do for the benefit of their congregations.  How much happier would the home be if children realized that their parents DO know better and love them more than life itself and that their rules are for the good of the whole family!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lark News Does it Again

 You gotta admit, this is just plain funny, in a sad, demented sort of way.

" 'Perfect' Pastor Found to Be Dead"
"BOZEMAN, Mont. — An associate pastor and church sound man pulled a Weekend-At-Bernie's-style scheme, keeping their church's senior pastor in the pulpit six weeks after his unexpected death.
    "I thought he was going through a personal renewal which mellowed him," says one member after learning that pastor Lenny Dillon had been dead since July.
    Dillon, 57, died of a stroke while vacationing with his wife in Canada. She went along with the scheme because she couldn't bear to let her husband go. It "comforted me to see him preaching, even though I knew he was dead," she says.
    To the trio's amazement, the church flourished. Rancorous disagreements stopped. People felt ministered to and cared for.
    "He seemed so happy all of a sudden," says one woman. "That peace spread through the congregation."
    Barry and Linda Cox attended several counseling sessions with the dead pastor and said it vastly improved their marriage.
    "He was such a good listener," she says.
    Embalmed and dressed in a three-piece suit, Dillon was propped against the pulpit every Sunday. The associate stitched sermons together from past sermon tapes. The sound man turned down the lights. After service the associate and sound man helped Dillon shake hands in the foyer. They put sunglasses on Dillon and made up a story about botched laser eye surgery.
    Though the ruse has ended, some people in the church want the corpse back.
    "Best two months this church has ever had," said one man. •"