Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Saturday Musings

You know your children are getting older when the pizza order for Friday night changes from "just cheese" pizza to "Sausage and Pepperoni" or "Canadian Bacon and Pineapple".  It's a weird thing but it made me a little sad last night on one hand, and really content on the other.  My kids are growing up!  

Exeter's Fall Festival Parade.  It's a tradition for us.  As long as I can remember (and have been in town) we've gone to "the parade".  When I was in school I marched in the parade for 10 years and my parents and grandparents (and Drug store employees) would watch from inside the drug store on the corner of Pine and E streets.  Now we grab a spot along Pine street and watch.  I still love it.  There's something about a small town tradition... the bands, the big trucks, the baton twirling groups and the street sweeper at the end (for whom we stand and cheer each time!).  They didn't have the grown men in their funny little cars this year.... how sad.
This is the first parade without Dad.  It hits me at different times.  I miss him.

Today I read Psalm 133: 
"How good and pleasant it is
       when brothers live together in unity!

  It is like precious oil poured on the head,
       running down on the beard,
       running down on Aaron's beard,
       down upon the collar of his robes.

 It is as if the dew of Hermon
       were falling on Mount Zion.
       For there the LORD bestows his blessing,
       even life forevermore."

I started thinking about the antithesis of this:

"How evil and unpleasant it is 
when brothers live together in disunity.
It is like rancid oil poured on the head, 
running down on the beard....
It is as if there is no dew on Hermon
as if there has been a drought on Mount Hermon.
For there the Lord does not bestow his blessing,
and there will not be life forevermore."

Oh that we could be people of God who live together in unity, for there the Lord blesses!!

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