Friday, July 16, 2010

The Ripple Effect

I just played for a funeral.  I've played for lots of them, but this one had special significance. 

37 years ago I had a counselor at a Christian camp.  I was 16 years old... awkward, shy, overweight, and lonely.  She cared about me.  I don't remember what she taught me, any words that she said, any truth that she taught me, but I remember how she genuinely cared for me.  One time I was to play for the Exeter High School  Christmas concert in Exeter (I was choral accompanist) and asked her to come.  She came.  She came even though she had tickets to a B.B. King concert for the same night!  She came to encourage me and show support.  (I think she went late to the B.B. King concert) I was so touched by that!  We stayed in touch over the years occasionally.  She came to my wedding nearly 20 years ago.  We corresponded a little but I had lost touch with her over the past few years.  I've never forgotten her encouragement and support and how that impacted me.

Wednesday morning I was looking at the Obituary page and saw a name I thought I recognized.  It was my counselor's mother.  I called the church office to see if they needed someone to play, which they did.
At the funeral today I learned about her mother and the effect she had on her family's life.  Hers was an example of faith, of trust in God and of encouragement to those around here. 
The effect of her faith on her daughter had a profound effect on me. 
My hope and prayer is that I will be that kind of influence on those around me (especially my children) and continue that ripple effect.

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Maureen said...

Amazing story Jean...I got goosebumps reading it. Of course that's probably from the fear I have of what I've done to my own kids and how that will 'ripple' out from our home. Regardless, thanks for sharing your insight.