Friday, December 2, 2011

Love Even When Stepped On

I have this little stuffed animal that sits on my bed.  My husband gave it to me.  It's a little bear with a heart that, if you press, says, "I love you!" then makes a kissing sound.  It's cute. 
The other day I was putting things away in my bedroom and didn't see it on the floor.  I stepped on it, and it said, "I love you!"  You would think I would learn my lesson and pick it up but didn't and stepped on it a few more times.  Each time it would say the same thing, "I love you!".  I laughed at the silly little bear, then thought of my husband.  So many times I do stupid things... and accidentally hurt him.  But each time he says, "I love you!".  That's true love!  

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