Monday, October 8, 2012


Well that's over!  I had an evaluation today.  Nothing like having your supervisor observing your "performance"... no matter what you do!
When I play the piano I always feel a little more nervous when there are other pianists listening, and especially piano teachers, music teachers, etc.  It's un-nerving just knowing they know music and know every little mistake I make.  The same felt true today as I was observed teaching my French class.  I am such a new teacher and I have SO much to learn!  As nerve-wracking as this was (and I'm so glad this one is over) I look forward to learning what I need to do to improve!  I want to be a good teacher!
How thankful I am that the Lord keeps working in me and with me, making me and teaching me to be all HE wants me to be.  His observation and evaluation of me is only to help me, change me and make me like Jesus.  I want to be all HE wants me to be.

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