Friday, May 7, 2010


The weather is beautiful lately.  I've been enjoying our roses in the front garden.
Four weeks from today my twin sons graduate from high school!
These same twin boys just received honors for being 100% Lifetime CSF members! (California Scholarship Federation)
I had a great conversation with my neighbor last night.  (Who would have thought that the pain we went through last summer would resonate so much with others around us?  I'm thankful for real people who see things clearly.)
I'm missing my parents more than ever today.
I'm learning lessons from the trees planted in our front yard.  (God frequently speaks to me through nature)
We're going to watch "Sherlock Holmes" tonight.
Sunday is Mother's Day.  I told my children that I want them to all get along ALL day.  I also want to sit and watch a mom-type movie on the couch while they bring me tea and goodies.  I plan to take some roses out to the cemetery...

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