Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Pray or not to Pray....

That is the question.
I'm amazed and appalled at the reaction by some people to the recent turn of events that has led to the possible canceling of a prayer led by a local pastor.  What has upset me (and others) is how vicious and cruel some people have been towards the people at the center of this controversy.  "Christian" people are threatening, accusing and vilifying others.  I jokingly said to my husband earlier today when he mentioned he'd heard of a possible "protest" outside the High School... "I hope they remember to wear their "God is love" t-shirts [when they bring their pitch-forks and torches]!  Sure I believe that we should have the freedom to pray, but I also believe that America ceased to be a "Christian Nation" quite some time ago.  I also believe that it is the absolute wrong thing to do to be cruel, to accuse, to threaten, to name call, etc.  This does NOT represent Christianity (well... yeah, unfortunately I guess it does represent modern Christianity to some extent).... at any rate is does NOT represent Christ!  How do you suppose people "on the other side" will ever be drawn to Christ if we treat them like this?  What would Jesus do?  He was hardest on the religious leaders of His day, not on others. 
If you read this blog, I'm asking you to pray for peace, for the love of Christ to reign in this situation. 
Oh, and another thing... this is a High School graduation.  It's supposed to be a celebration of accomplishment for the students and a launching out into the next phase of their lives.  This is their day!  Why ruin it for these students!  Of course, since we are sending them out into the "real" world, I guess this is a taste of what they'll get out there.  Sad.


Steve said...

I hope some good comes from all this. Rumors of more to come tomorrow at the board meeting.

You are correct that the celebration of the students graduating is being forgotten and the lesson they are learning of the world they are entering is most telling about the people we are or are not.

Maureen said...

Good Post Jean.....loved your pitch-fork comment :)