Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ah, Young Love!

It's been a good few months.  We've been meeting with a young couple for pre-engagement counseling.  It's been fun to talk to them about what we've learned in 20 years of marriage.  I love seeing them sit really close to each other on the couch, hold hands and look lovingly into each others eyes as they talk to and about each other and their desire to have a good marriage that will honor and glorify God.  They are hungry to learn and have devoured a book we gave them about marriage.
With so many broken homes and marriage on the "down-swing" it is so refreshing and hopeful to see the future in this young couple.
They just stopped by earlier this evening to announce their engagement!!  She's sporting a ring that was his grandmother's.  They seem so very happy!  We are thrilled for them!  Yep, it's definitely a good thing!

(Oh, and they brought us home-made fudge!)


Maureen said...

I've been meaning to get on here and thank you for this post Jean. You paint such a sweet picture of the love Brad and Laurel feel for each other. Isn't it wonderful? Especially since after all these years we still have that kind of love in our marriage (as do you and Jim) so our joy is mixed with great hope that this is going to be a lasting experience for the two of them.

....and yay for fudge!

Brad Garver said...

Thank you for such a good (good in the Biblical sense of the word) post. You and Jim have been such a blessing to Laurel and I. We both wholly appreciate what you two have been doing for us. Thank you.