Friday, November 5, 2010

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. 
I just came back from the cemetery where I played the keyboard for the graveside service for an 11 week old baby boy.  I work with his Dad at my school and worked for 4 years with his grandma at another school.  I knew it would be difficult, but was not prepared to see the little white casket and the grieving parents and grandparents.  I watched as the parents held hands at the graveside and cuddled their 2 year old daughter who does not understand.  Who of us does understand, really?  The mom and dad stayed there as everyone else left.  How difficult to leave the cemetery and leave their little one there.  I watched them just sit there holding hands as I drove away.  I was fine during the service, controlled, doing what I do, but once I got in my car to drive away it hit me... I had to pull over and cry for a while.  This does not make any sense!  I was remembering in the Bible how Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend, Lazarus.  Jesus wept! He knew that He could (and did) raise him from the dead, but still, He wept.  How comforting to know that Jesus weeps at death.  He mourns with us.  He comforts us.
What made this easier was the Scripture that was shared and the confidence, the assurance that this little one is with the Lord. For us who know Christ as Savior, we have this confidence, that this is not the end.  They will grieve their son for years to come but they WILL see him again.  There is a sense of hope in the midst of the sorrow.


Mom of an Airman said...

Jean -
I remember the service Joe had to officiate at for Baby Grace. She died on her fourth day of life, at home in her parents' arms. They were told she wouldn't even live at birth, yet they praised the Lord that they had gotten to take her home!
Your description of the graveside service replayed Grace's service all over again in my mind ... and I cried.
Grace is nine now and continues to wait with the Lord for the day she will be reunited with her parents, grandparents, and the siblings that have never known her (she was her parents first child.)
You're right. We cannot understand God's ways. But because we know Him, we continue to trust in His sovereignty over the incomprehensible events of life.
We will pray for you and these friends. May God's grace and peace be more abundant than ever at this time.

Alida said...

so sorry for your loss...