Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It seems I haven't updated this in awhile.  The past few weeks have been incredibly busy with school and lessons.  Our choral department had a choral festival and concert last week and another one coming up this week.  On top of that our director and his wife had their first baby... a boy (and he's adorable!!).  We also started rehearsals for our school musical.  We'll be doing "Footloose" in February.  This pretty much means that many of my evenings are gone from now until then. 

Even with being busy I am enjoying my job at the High School more and more.  Of course there are days when I'd rather stay home, but, for the most part, I love it.  The director and I have a good rapport with each other (despite the fact that I am a few decades older than he is) and that makes a world of difference. 
I wish things weren't quite so busy at home.  We long for days completely "off" but rarely have those.  I find myself counting the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We're sure to have those days off.  Well, no... Christmas falls on a Sunday this year.  That means playing for worship services.  Well, maybe the next day?

So, this week I turn one year older.  I look back over the past *mumblemumble* years and can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  Sometimes I'm obsessed with planning out the future (as if I could) and other times I'm stuck in the past.  A challenge for me, especially with being so busy, is to live each day, each moment, fully here. 

Well, time for piano students to come.  But first, I need to get something prepared for supper. 
Bye bye, blog.  See you again in a few days/weeks?

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