Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day #16 - Thankful for a night off from rehearsal!
Most Wednesdays (and some Mondays and Thursdays) I have rehearsal at the high school where I work.  We're doing the musical "Footloose" in February and have already been rehearsing for one month.  On Wednesdays I get home from school and teach piano students till 5:30 then many times turn right around and go back to the school for rehearsal from 6-8 p.m.   Today I emailed the director and found out it's just dance rehearsal tonight!!  I'm so glad for an evening where I didn't have to go back out!  I'm already in my nice to be home.
I'm also thankful that me dear husband is taxi-ing our daughter back and forth to the rehearsal tonight!


Anonymous said...

Oh I take a deep breath for you ... though it is Thursday morning, I sigh relief for you....God gives us "sabbaths" at some of the most unexpected times...and it sounds as though you need "REST" from a busy schedule....Happy Thanksgiving Season

Jeano said...

Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!