Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big changes a comin'!  
This past week has been full of changes....

*My beautiful niece got married in a fabulous Santa Barbara wedding.  My husband was privileged to perform the ceremony and did a wonderful job!
*Another (also beautiful) niece got results from her Law School Admissions Test... 96 percentile!!!
*My daughter passed the DMV written test and is now learning to drive.
*Me - - - well, I got offered a job teaching French at a nearby High School, and after a few heart - searching/gut-wrenching days, decided to take it!  I will dearly miss my choir kids but I'm excited for this new adventure!


Steve said...

Muy Bueno! Sorry, it's the only language I know other than Inglis.

Jeano said...

Merci, Steve! Thanks for your help and advice!!