Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And I was doing so well writing on here every few days.
I'm in the middle of my third week of  teaching High School French.  So far so good.  But, I've never been more tired than I am right now.  (except maybe when my kids were babies... and that was a long time ago)
I feel bad for every wrong impression I've had of public school teachers. (Okay, and I may have judged them too.)   I have worked in the public school system for a number of years already, but as an assistant.  There is SO much more work as a teacher.  I work on lessons plans every night and will be grading quizzes and homework this weekend.
Teachers are vastly underpaid.

Aside from that:
I'm learning that I need the Lord's help every. single. day.   He helps me, inspires me, strengthens me, gives me wisdom, helps me stay calm.  He is good and His faithful love endures forever!
He has given me this job and I rely on Him to do with me as He chooses where He has placed me.

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