Friday, August 31, 2012


They call this produced church, or, as the video says, "Contmporvant" (contemporary and relevant at the same time).  Apparently this is THE way to "do" worship is most contemporary churches.  I know that we just don't fit this mold.  Watching this video made me kinda laugh and cry at the same time.  I laughed because of the truth of what I say and cry for the same reason.  I don't want "church" like this.  And, to be honest, I don't know how many people actually want this in a worship service.  What happened to the genuine, the real, the heartfelt... the normal?  While I think we should do all things in an excellent way and strive to present our best to the Lord there are times I long for a service with an out of tune piano and singing heartfelt hymns and choruses followed by teaching from the Bible and practical application for today.  I long for a place where people love each other, where they spend time in the study of God's Word, where they pray for and with each other.... a place where people are real and normal.  
Who can really measure up to the standard presented in this video?   Where is the place for normal pastors and worship leaders? 
I guess we just don't fit.

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Anonymous said...

Where was God in all of THAT? Appeared to be a promoted "religion experience" (term used generously) of grandiose self worship, self adoration, and self absorbed disrespect for all that is holy, sacred, reverent or humble in the sight of sovereign Heavenly Father, while cloaked in dead skins. Thankfully, He is gracious, forgiving and patient. Did He not give Ninevah 120 years to turn back to Him? Are we "feeding sheep or entertaining goats?"