Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few random thoughts

1. This is the "green" season here in California.  The hills near my home are a soft, pretty green color that looks beautiful against the blue mountains covered with snow.  In about 3 months it will be the "brown season" that will last until next year. 

2. I'm really scared that music in Exeter schools may be extinct within 5 years.  The changes being made in schedules and budgets don't bode well for the arts in our community.

3. It's Tuesday, which means half-price pizza from Straw Hat!

4. People really have no idea how difficult it is being a pastor these days. Unless you are a pastor (or are married to one) you have NO idea the demands and expectations put on you by others....not to mention the strain and stress of being in the ministry.  In terms of spiritual warfare is it any surprise that Satan would do anything to strike down "shepherds" of churches (and thus "scatter the flock").  There's discouragement, temptation to "moral failure", time pressures that keep families apart, gossip and strife in churches that create division and make churches and pastors ineffective, depression, financial pressures, etc.  Some pastors quit or are forced to resign.  Still others, like a pastor we just heard of, will take their own lives.   Pray for your pastor!!  It's a tough job!

5. I successfully filled out the FAFSA (twice!)!


Nora said...

Jean I don't think the schedule change is going to mean the end of music in Exeter. There are other Districts on the same schedule that have survived. It just means staying positive and working with students and counselors when it comes to planning student schedules.

Steve said...

It will be a challenge to work with the new "school" and all that it will be. The bigger problem is to not get hung up on the money and let that narrow us.

It will certainly be an adventure.