Thursday, March 25, 2010


We are on "break" starting Saturday.  It used to be called "Easter break" now they call it "Spring break" or "Spring Intersession" or some such thing.  At any rate, we'll soon be off for two weeks.  Well, Exeter is 2 weeks, Mt Whitney is only 1 week (bummer!).
I love this time of year.  I get energized to clean house and clean yard.  I'm looking forward to pulling out bushes, hosing off the patio, getting rid of those nasty weeds that have taken over most of the yard, working in the house and MAYBE finishing the living room project.  This all might be a bit ambitious for one week (with Easter preparations in the midst of all that!).  We'll see how much I/we actually get done.
Thinking about weeds and such.... I do a lot of "just thinkin'" while I'm out pulling weeds.  There are all those verses about not letting a root of bitterness grow up in our hearts.  When you pull weeds (as my Daddy taught me) you gotta pull 'em out by the roots or they'll grow back.  Sometimes weeds break off at the root and they look like they're gone but they really aren't.  I've got some things growing in my heart that need to be pulled out by the root....things like bitterness, bad habits, etc.  There are times I think they're gone but really, you just can't see them anymore but the roots are still there.   I need God to soften my heart.  There's an old Keith Green song called "My Eyes Are Dry".  Honestly, this often comes to mind as I'm pulling weeds.
My eyes are dry
My faith is old
My heart is hard
My prayers are cold
And I know how I ought to be
Alive to You and dead to me

But what can be done
For an old heart like mine
Soften it up
With oil and wine
The oil is You, Your Spirit of love
Please wash me anew
With the wine of Your Blood

My hope and prayer is to do more than just the outside yard type of pulling weeds, but to cooperate with God in getting some of the big, ugly, nasty growing things out of my heart. 

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful encouraging words...I love Keith Green.