Sunday, September 26, 2010


What is it, really?  Which "church" is the right one?  What kind of music/worship is right?
With so many churches all around and new ones springing up all the time I am more confused than ever. (Two new churches just started in our little town, both "contemporary" in their music/methods.) Honestly I don't know which "church" I would even want to go to right now.  We are attending and helping out at a church right now, which is wonderfully kind and loving to all who enter, but there are few youth.  Do we find another church where there's something more for our kids?
We have always been convinced, and remain so, that what's truly important is the preaching and teaching of God's inerrant Word;  sincere worship (which does not necessarily mean emotional, upbeat, loud, music with a "worship band" and a certain style of dress.... nor does it necessarily mean hymn books, organ and people in suits and ties);  love for God, love for each other and love for the world around us, reaching out to them and sharing God's word with them.  These are the basics as far as we're concerned.


Steve said...


First the basic question, what other church started other than the one at the high school?

Now what you've done is touch on the core issue regarding churches. sounds a bit like Jesus' time on earth with the Pharisees, Saducees and the Wantasees. People just move on instead of becoming part of a group and committing to something. Blame goes to me also.

On a sort of related note. Did you see the pastor in trouble in Atlanta leads a church of 25,000. Maybe that is part of the problem.

Jeano said...

The other church is the one that meets at the old Baptist church. It's fairly new, and there are problems there, too. (Like in every church)
It bothers me when people just move on from one church to another to another, without committing.
I guess I just long for the older days when people were committed no matter what and where things were simpler.
No, I didn't hear about that pastor, although I do hear about them so often. Sad.