Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday morning thoughts

I read an interesting article in today's paper about how patients are taking charge of their medical care.  They question the doctors' decisions on tests, medication, etc.  While I can understand the need to be sure of WHY certain things are being done/prescribed, I see this as a real danger not only in the medical profession but in so many other arenas as well.  I see it in students who question what the teacher says, in churches where people question every little decision or point in a sermon, in children at home who buck against decisions and directions given by their parents.
It seems to be related to the overwhelming availability of information on the Internet (where Wikipedia has become THE source for all knowledge), the culture that consistently says to question authority, and the main problem.... pride.  We don't want to trust those "in authority" over us.  We think we know better ("but I looked on WebMD and that's not what I found!") and want to be our own authority, we don't want someone over us telling us what to do or not do.  We want to BE god!
OK, I  know there are times when you need to speak up, like abusive situations, etc.  but really, when "every one" knows better than the other, can we really function well in society?
We need to understand that no one knows it all, that Doctors went to Medical school and have worked hard to learn and care for their patients.  We need to realize that teachers DO know more than their students and have worked hard to choose the best things for them to learn what they need to learn.  It would be so much more beneficial if people in churches realized that their pastor and leaders have been called by God to their role and have poured years of their lives into what they do for the benefit of their congregations.  How much happier would the home be if children realized that their parents DO know better and love them more than life itself and that their rules are for the good of the whole family!

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