Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Fall?

I'm just going to pretend it really is Fall, and decorate my house with the few Fall decorations I have.
I choose NOT to acknowledge the temperatures in the upper 90's (maybe into the triple digits this week).  I will just decorate and hope that the weather catches up with the season!

Yes, those are "resin" grapes, made by the employees of my family's drug store back in the 60's. They are almost back in style!  Fall is just not Fall without those!

 The Flag is about 15 years old.  It's probably time to replace this, but with it fading and getting brittle it sort of matches the leaves.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


Maureen said...

Resin grapes!!! My mom had those on our dining room table for about 15 years.....and now I want some:)

Jeano said...

Yeah, the grapes became one of those family jokes after a while. Now I like them! I used to have two of them (one was my grandparents') but gave that to Neal and Bunny a few years ago.