Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a smattering...

As I've said in other posts recently, I am fully engulfed in music right now.  (I mean, more than usual.)
At school there are 6 different choral groups (7 if you count the vocal jazz group) with 3 pieces of music each.  Also at the school is our first ever musical, this year - "Bye Bye Birdie".  We are into full rehearsals now with the show starting in less than two weeks.
Yesterday I spent the day at honor choir rehearsal, (I had the privilege of accompanying some of it!) with a total of 5 choral pieces. 
On Sundays it's hymns, choruses, preludes, offertories, postludes...

I'm thoroughly enjoying all the different types of music in which I am involved.  Here's a smattering:
Honor choir music:
"Dies Irae" - by Zdenek Lukas -  listen to it!  Tough piece!
"Signs of the Judgement" - man is this one fun!   I wish I could sing with them!
"I Am Not Yours" - a poem set to gorgeous music.  The accompaniment is beautiful!
"Nox Arumque" - Eric Whitaker.  This is so hard to learn, but they did well on it yesterday. It's beautiful and dissonant at the same time. 
And -  at school:
"Yo Le Canto" - a bright and very rhythmic latin piece
"Festival Gloria" - In Latin, and multiple time signatures... fun!
"Ave Maria" - by Camille Saint-Saens, a beautiful arrangement of a very familiar text.
"Earth Song" - a cappela, google it!  It's beautiful!
"A Ce Jolie Mois de Mai" - early renaisance French piece
"Wipip!!" - this one is in Creole!  It's fast, rhythmic and really complicated to learn, but fun!  "Wipip!" means "Wow! and talks about how beautiful life is and how someday there will be no more wars, no more guns, but we will all be one people. 
"Sebben Crudele" - traditional Italian art song
"Joshua" - a jazzy arrangement of "Joshua fit the battle of Jericho".
"Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies" - a beautiful ballad sung by our men's choir. This one will make all the women swoon!
"Daemon Irrepit Calidus" - which I think I just posted on here.
"Felices Ter" - Latin, unaccopanied
"Las Amarillas" - a Stephen Hatfiled composition - for 4 part women's choir.  Our advanced women's group is doing this.  It's a fun, fast piece and includes all kinds of "noises" and clapping!
"Allons au Vert Boccage" - French piece for our advanced women's group.

Well, you get the idea.  I didn't mention all of them (partly because I don't have my music in front of me and can't remember them all.). 

This could be why I don't "blog" as much right now.  All this coupled with private piano students after school most days, keeps me kinda busy!  I never know what kind of music I'm going to have going through my head at any given moment.  I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I sure would like to have less going on in my life at times.

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