Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perhaps this is why we blog?

"I find myself astonished at mankind's persistent yet vain attempts to escape the certainty of oblivion; expressed in nothing less than the ancient pyramids and by nothing more than a stick in a child's hand, etching a name into a freshly poured sidewalk.  To leave our mark in the unset concrete of time -- something to say we existed.

Perhaps this us what drives our species to diaries, that some unborn generation may know we once loved, hated, worried, and laughed.  And what is there to this?  Maybe nothing more than poetic gesture, for diaries dies with their authors -- or so I once believed.  I have learned there is more to the exercise.  For as we chronicle our lives and the circumstances that surround them, our perspectives and stretching rationalities, what lies before us is our own reflection.  It is the glance in the mirror that is of value.  These are my words in the matter and I leave it at this -- if we write one book in life, let it be our own autobiography."
- Richard Evans in the prologue to "The Timepiece"

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Steve said...


Those that think have things to say, and sometimes saying or writing things helps us work out the kinks in those thoughts.

Thank you for the reminder.