Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last week one of the gals in our production of "Bye Bye Birdie" had a cerebral hemorrhage, was put on life support and just passed away this morning.  This is quite a blow to the cast of the show, and to my daughter, who was her dance partner in one of the songs.  Her family is donating her organs... making life possible for a number of other people.  Shaylynn's funeral is Saturday (after a dress rehearsal).  The show will be dedicated to her.


Maureen said...

OMGoodness Jean....how awful. Our prayers are with her family, and yours (give Debra a hug from the Garvers).

Jeano said...

Thanks, Maureen! Opening night is one week from tonight. A gal from the dance team stepped in tonight to take Shaylyn's place.

And... we were so sad to hear about Mr. Banuelos! I feel very out of touch with EUHS! I know this loss affects your family greatly! We're praying for you, too!

Maureen said...