Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hug your kids and tell them you love them.
Because you just don't know what tomorrow holds.


Alida said...

What a great looking family!

Maureen said...

Wonderful reminder Jean...thank-you.

Jeano said...

Thanks, Alida, and Maureen.
These are words from my brother... he called this morning to tell me that his son (my 18 yr. old nephew) took his life last night. When I asked him what I could do, what I can say, that's what he said. Also... to pray.

Anonymous said...

I understand so clearly your post title, We do not know what the next hour holds let alone tomorrow.I remember December 18, 1996 ..I went to bed at 10:00p.m. the mother of two living active very alive wake the next morning, Dec 19, 1996, to a knock at my door at 6:10a.m. Three officers stood at my door...LIFE changed ...I was thankful I knew Jehovah God...I was thankful I knew to run to my "high tower" I was thankful that the single footprints were Jesus carrying me ...
Yes we must treasure each hour of the day given for the next hour life may very well be altered completely from anything you may have ever known!

In memory of my son, Craig
Proud to be His Mom, light a candle : you may pass the site on to your has helped many is an awesome site