Thursday, September 6, 2012

There's Only One Possible Answer

I gave quizzes in each of my classes today (which means I now have quizzes to grade... all evening).  For some of the questions there are a few different possibilities of answers.  For others, there is only one possible answer.
Today went really well for me (maybe because it was a quiz day and it was quiet in my classroom for 20 minutes each period while they were taking their quiz?).  I had had a rough day on Tuesday... didn't feel prepared, didn't connect well with the students, felt just "out of it".  I re-evaluated what I did and didn't do.  I planned better for the next day.  It was okay... not spectacular, but okay.  I knew something needed to change.
Today, knowing my absolute weakness and inability to creatively teach and interact with the students, I got to school early enough to get down on my knees in my empty classroom and pray.  I prayed for help to teach them creatively, to connect with them, to really care about them as people and not just students.  I prayed for my students.  I told the Lord that I absolutely needed (and need) Him to do this job that He gave to me to do!
I think the Lord delights in answering prayers of dependence on Him.  He gave me some creative ideas, helped me to relax and enabled me to connect with my students as they came in.  I just talked with them about their day and their week.  It was good! I had fun and I think the kids did, too! I finished the day just so grateful for the Lord's enabling!

For me, this is the only possible answer to me having a good day!!

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Steve said...

The days I openly welcome God into my classroom are the best. He always wants into our rooms as he does our lives.