Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's been going on for a very long time and I don't know the answer to the problem of musical tastes when it comes to worship music.
You would think that in churches people would bend and flex.... listen to and learn from, give and take, yield from time to time in love out of the best interests of others.  I wish it were so.  It just never seems to be that way.  We used to be in a church where most of what we sang was contemporary choruses, accompanied by keyboard, guitar, drums and bass.  It was like pulling teeth to get them to sing a hymn every now and then.  Now we have the opposite problem.  We sing hymns 99% of the time accompanied by piano and occasionally a trumpet but every now and then I add a chorus from "the black song book"...  and then we get complaints about it.  Sigh...
What is the answer?  Somebody please tell me?  How can we "be in community" and show we love each other so that the world will know we belong to Christ if we are divided on what types of songs we sing to worship God?  How can we hope to attract unbelievers to Christ when we take our stand on things like the copyright date on a song?  How sad it must make the Lord to whom we gather to sing praises!
Please, can't we just get along?

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Anonymous said...

Might it possibly be that the "eyes of our hearts" are focused on: sentimentality, ritual, hidden agendas of self driven power/control, rigidity, etc? What would it look like and what would folks experience if the "eyes of our hearts" were set on the Lord alone? Humbleness of spirit, warmth in the welcome to souls seeking a refuge, grace in place of conflict and musical praise sent heavenward to glorify only the Lord of name just a few. We have collectively lost focus..."only what's done for Christ will last". Measured against our meaningless dialogue and discourse, I can only surmise that the Lord is disappointed. Eyes and hearts set on Him and Him alone will solely alter our Christian experience and that which we seek to share with the lost of our land.