Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Horse is Dead... Stop Beating it!

Well, that's it.  The battle over "contemporary songs/choruses" vs  "hymns from the hymnbook" is over.  It's a sad thing that there is no willingness to make one little change.  I'm sad and discouraged.  I realized today that the more we go around and around about this, the further we get away from true worship.  I'm pretty sure this does not please the Lord.  It's simply not worth trying to introduce a new chorus if it takes our hearts and minds away from a focus on the Lord.  I'm tired and sad.
The ironic thing is, in our previous church there was (seemingly) an unwillingness to sing even one "old hymn".      This, along with some other things, led to a split and eventually the demise of the church.  I re-iterate what I said a few blog posts ago.... "Why can't we just get along?"  Why can't we live and worship together in harmony?
But there it is... we're done beating this horse.  It's dead.


Maureen said...

This makes me want to cry...the irony and the stupidity (sorry, just calling it like I sees it). It is so sad that we can't worship and praise and sing without critiquing EVERY little thing. We may be living in the end times and THIS is what we are arguing about??? So sorry that you are in the middle of this Jean, your kindness shines thru even in the worst of times...much more so than mine would (does).

Anonymous said...

Could it be that those folks who choose to criticize, grumble and complain are calculated in their decision? As long as they are squacking and honking loudly about music, ( their "sound" is offensive at the very least), they never have to reflect on righteousness, forgiveness, humility, gratefulness, kind appreciation, thankfulness, mercy, or any other teaching of Christ. None. Perfect deflection. Perfect distraction. Perfect detachment. Free will. Choice. Yes, I believe that God would be saddened...maybe He has tears also....