Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cars and trials

So the dream of getting that car is gone. It really wasn't possible for us anyway. So much the better... It was a nice idea while it lasted, but now it's back to reality.
We are thankful to have the van we do and the unlimited use of my dad's car.

So, the trials. Two of my teenagers are doing "Mock Trial" this year. (Joseph did it last year, too). I went with them tonight to "court". I was impressed with it all last year and even more impressed with the whole process this year. Of course, this year Joseph is a Prosecuting Attorney, which makes me (literally) sit up and take notice of the entire proceedings! Debra is a Defense witness. This is her first year and she has done really (really) well!
My nephew participated in Mock Trial in High School, went on to law school, helped coach our High School team for a few years and is now an attorney in the Oakland area. We're all very proud of him. Mock Trial gave him a good start. Who knows what's in store for my kids?

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