Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Word for the Year

The word for this year is "faith". It's on the cover of the new journal my husband gave me for Christmas. It's the name of the "sheep" we gave to families in our congregation. It's the word that keeps "jumping out at me" as I read and listen and ponder many things. I have a very basic understanding of faith...
Faith (noun)
*Belief and trust in the Christian God's promises revealed through Christ in the New Testament.

"Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld." (Hebrews 11:1)


* (feeling, without direct evidence but based on indirect evidence and experience (inductive reasoning), that something is true, real, or will happen): belief, confidence, trust.

I just read about Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 16-17. Abraham believed God, despite the facts, despite the circumstances, despite his own reasoning. He trusted God. He believed God. He had faith that what God said He would do.

So, this is my word for this year.... faith. I want to grow in my trust of God. I want to believe more and more that what He says is true and not just believe it intellectually but in my heart and life. (Because, in actuality, I don't really believe it if I don't live it,do I?) I want to live it out more, despite the facts, despite the circumstances, despite my own reasoning.


Maureen said...

"I want to live it out more, despite the facts, despite the circumstances, despite my own reasoning."

Wow....powerful post Jean. Sadly, the part that REALLY hit home with me is...'my own reasoning'. Reading 'God Came Near' is helping.


Jeano said...

Thanks, Maureen.
I'm reading in Genesis right now. It really struck me how impossible their circumstances were and yet God promised them a child. Even after Sarai blamed God for them being childless and giving her servant to Abram, God still blessed them! (I would have said "too bad for you then" if I were God!) This gives me hope that God can forgive and bless me when I blame Him and try to do things on my own.
I've never read "God Came Near". Maybe that will be next on my list.