Monday, February 9, 2009

The Fellowship of the Ring

This past weekend, our three teens, along with 80 other teens from the area (and 6 others from Exeter) participated in "True Love Waits". The emphasis of the weekend was to promote and encourage sexual abstinence and "wait" until marriage. The kids (and parents) gave up Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning for this conference. A lot of what was said my kids had heard before (about STD's, etc) but the real emphasis, I think, was on why wait. Do they wait so they won't get an STD or get pregnant? No, they wait because God, who created us and created sex to be enjoyed within the confines and protection of marriage, says to! God isn't some cosmic "kill-joy" who wants to make us suffer and take away all our fun. He knows what is best for all of us and gives us certain rules (guidelines) for true happiness!
At the close of the weekend, Sunday morning, 9 teenagers stood up in front of our congregation and pledged... to God, to the congregation, to their future mates and future children, to wait until marriage, to honor God with their bodies (their very lives). The parents then gave each of them a ring (or necklace) as a symbol of their commitment.
My kids love "Lord of the Rings". One of my sons decided to wear his ring on a chain around his neck. I hope it won't become a burden for him! I'm happy that each of our teens decided to do this and made this promise of their own volition.
We joked about their being 9 of them yesterday (the same number as in "The Fellowship of the Ring"). I do hope and pray that they will be able to help each other keep this promise! That they'll be - along with the many, many other teens who have made this promise - a true fellowship to help each other, pray for each other and support each other.

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