Monday, February 23, 2009

Simple, Relational, Intentional

These are the words that came out of a discussion yesterday at our house. These things characterize (and will do so more and more)our church. Someone else has described our church as a "Pot Roast" church... home-y, welcoming, like going home for a good simple meal with family. Instead of us trying to be something we're not, we're going to continue to be more of who we are. Simple: We have a simple worship service. No laser light shows, no smoke or mirrors. What you see is what you get. Worship songs, hymns, Scripture. The teaching is simple (not simplistic)... straight from the Bible and practical for every day life. That's pretty much it. We love God, we love each other. (Oh yeah, and we have "snacks" after the service, too!)
The relational aspect is first of all with God. Our relationship with Him is of primary importance. Next, it is how we view our caring for each other and our reaching out. It's all about relationships. We get to know others, spend time with them, build relationships and pray for them. (we also call it "Prayer, Care, Share").
Intentional.... well, yeah, it takes some work, it takes thinking about it, stepping out of our comfort zones and reaching out. I'm encouraged by how our discussion went. It helps to focus a little bit more. Simple, Relational, Intentional, yeah. That's it.

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