Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We won!

No... we didn't win like a million dollars or something, although that's my secret fantasy (oops, now it's out!).

Our Mock Trial team at the High School won their competition last night! Mock Trial is another one of those "extra-curricular" activities that adds so much depth to education. Where else do kids learn even a little bit about law and what goes on in a courtroom (I mean, from this perspective, not from the perspective of being a real defendant!! yikes!). In these days of economic crises when things are being cut from public schools left and right, this is another one that may not exist in a few years. Well, back to the team. I knew they had done a good job but thought they had last week, too, when they didn't win. Still, last night they scored higher than the opposing team. Hooray for our side! The courtroom was a little scary last night. The judge was kinda intimidating. He explained at the beginning that he'd been in court all day and was "a little grumpy". But, he really helped both teams (I think) to learn more as he questioned them and helped them along in a few instances. My daughter took the witness stand last night at got average scores from all three scorers. She's soft-spoken (in public) and the judge had to ask her to speak up a few times. Otherwise she did well. So tomorrow night Joseph and the rest of the Prosecution team go up against another school.

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