Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jesus Thank You

Week after week I put together songs for worship. Some weeks it just falls into place so easily. Other weeks it feels like nothing "fits". This was one of those weeks, until late this afternoon. I had finished looking through all 8 (2 inch thick) binders of music, as well as my file folder thingy, after which I went online to a website I use to scope out new music, and there I found it... a new song for Sunday. All the rest of the songs fell into place. The new song is "Jesus Thank You" and ties in perfectly to the theme of the message for Sunday. Just now, as I was typing this, I thought about how this song and finding it caused the rest of the service to fall into place is like our lives (my life). As soon as I focus on the cross and what Jesus did for me (and get my focus off all the other stuff) then things really do fall into place and I'm walking through the house singing "Your blood has washed away my sin, Jesus thank you. The Father's wrath completely satisfied, Jesus thank you. Once Your enemy now seated at Your table, Jesus thank you."
That pretty much says it all for me this evening.

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