Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Talents" for Missions

Our church recently gave out $20 to anyone who wanted to "invest" it and return the increase in November. It's sort of like the parable of the talents in the Bible, where the master leaves and gives a certain amount of "talents" to his workers. Some invest it and return 10, 20 times as much. One man just buried his talent in the ground and didn't make anything. We're hoping to get back in even 10 times what we were given! This money will go to our missionaries, who we have not been able to support as much this year.

There have been some really creative ideas! One of them is a go-cart race (happening today!). Also, my daughter and a friend baked cookies and made bracelets and sold those. We're planning on using some of our money to advertise for a yard sale next weekend.
I decided to record myself playing piano (sounds really vain, doesn't it?). I borrowed a nifty recorder thing from a friend (it's worth about $400!!), shut myself up in my house for a few hours yesterday and played piano. My son edited it down to 1 hour (taking out page turn noises, sniffing, temper tantrums when I messed up, etc). Today we made labels and he'll finish burning the CD's.

I'll post back on here the results after our "Harvest Party" in a few weeks.

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