Monday, October 20, 2008

What I did on my birthday

What I did on my birthday:
Went to school to play for High School choir - they sang "Happy Birthday" to me (in various keys and tempos) then went to Wilson school for their choir. They also sang to me!
After lunch with my hubby and daughter at Home Town Emporium I went to the Doctor where I got to read my book for 45 minutes before seeing the Doc. It really wasn't wasted time... I got to read, found out that my carotid arteries are clear and good, got some migraine medicine samples and went home.
Once home my kids made birthday cake (they called it "Cabbage pudding" to try to trick me). They also made supper and set a beautiful table.... table cloth, beautiful placemats, nice dishes, candles, etc.
This evening I'm watching a romantic movie with my hubby while the kids clean up the kitchen. Ah.... this was a good one.


Teomen said...

Happy Day after your birthday Jean!

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Jeano said...

Thank you!