Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things That Last

We're having a yard sale today. We went through a bunch of stuff yesterday to get ready for this, including some very old things of my parents and grandparents. Things made or built 50+ years ago were really made to last. Things that are made these days I think are made to last maybe about 5 years (if you're lucky).

I was thinking earlier this week about things that last. My best friend called this week, we talked for 85 minutes! Our friendship has lasted 25 years already. My husband and I have been married 18 years and hope to make to at least 50 years (we were both older when we got married).

The Bible says that only 2 things really last forever... God's Word (the Bible) and People. This makes me ponder how I should be spending my time. Talk about investing long term... This is the best investment: Spending time with God (reading the Bible) and spending time with people, investing in their lives. I don't do either of these very well. I get "busy" with so many other things that don't last.

All this stuff we have out in the driveway today is just "stuff". What's really important is God's Word, my relationship with Him and with the people around me.
I know this, but want to live Lord, help me to spend wisely, on things that are lasting.

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