Friday, November 13, 2009

8 Years Later

Eight years ago on this date we arrived in California to begin the task God called us to... planting a church here in Exeter. We never once doubted God's call. What we also know is that God's call to serve does not come with a pain free guarantee or problem free existence.
A few days before we arrived here my mother went to the hospital for emergency surgery. She passed away exactly 4 weeks after we arrived. We were able to see her and spend some time with her before she passed. One of the reasons God had us here was to be here for my Dad who was left alone after 55 years of marriage to my mom. We had 8 good years with my Dad. We often talked about how much we were there for each other. I'm so grateful to God for allowing us those years together.
The church plant was a growing experience yet was not without problems, pain, and difficulties.  In spite of those difficulties - God was, and is, faithful.  We never doubted His call on our lives and stayed "at our post" to serve faithfully where we were called.  There were highs.... times of growth and wonderful worship and learning. There were lows... the loss of families and, ultimately, the death of the church (which coincided with the death of my father). 

 Where are we now - after 8 years?
We've all grown - older and wiser.  Our sons are seniors in high school, one of our daughters is a sophomore and the other in 5th grade.
We have entered a new phase of life and ministry.   Both Jim and I are working full time outside of the home and outside of the church and we are both working part time in a new ministry.  Our experiences over the past 8 years have prepared us for this point.  We are finding more and more opportunities to serve where God has placed us and we are excited about what He has planned for us and our family.  As always, we continue to trust in His grace, mercy, compassion and faithfulness!
"His grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home". 

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