Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Glad Game continues

Sticking with my "glad game" theme...
We are having to vacumn and clean everything because with out 3 dogs (who live outside) and our 1 cat (who lives inside) we have FLEAS in our house. I saw one jump onto my Bible the other day!! I also saw one when I was changing sheets earlier this week. That clinched it. Tomorrow we're having the house sprayed inside and out.
So - "the glad game". We are getting our house really clean!! We're finding things that we thought we had lost as we clean! (I'll think of some more things later).
I was remembering the story of Corrie Ten Boom, who lived in Holland during WWII and was taken to a Nazi concentration camp for hiding Jews in their house. At one point in the story they discover fleas in their "barracks". Corrie was upset, but her sister Betsie was glad because they could now read the Bible they smuggled in, in peace without the guards bothering them. The guards would not go into the flea infested barracks.
I can be glad, because of the reasons I already mentioned, and also because of the freedom we have here in this country!
Now to think of reasons to be glad for the hot water heater breaking down and the van needing some possibly major work.

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