Monday, April 6, 2009

The Glad Game gets harder

Uhm, ok now the glad game is getting harder. I am glad that our hot water heater stopped working properly yesterday and we have to get a new one ($$ka-ching!$$).... beeecauseeeee.....

*Now I can take a bath without having to heat water on the stove!
*We won't have to wait between showers for the water to heat up again! (and with 2 adults and 3 teenagers, this is a plus)
*We won't (hopefully) have to get a new one for a long time.

The water heater we're replacing we've had about 5 years and was a used one (I think). This is a larger one.

Still working on a reason to be glad that the van is overheating.


Maureen said...

I like this game....I need to PLAY!
Hard to be glad about all the kittens being sick and not being able to afford a vet visit but we'll try :)

ps. who installed your water heater? We have had a new one sitting outside for a year because the guy who was supposed to put it in backed out (long story).

Jeano said...

Yeah, the glad game got hard last week. Ugh. Fleas... Jim on jury duty... not being able to drive the van farther than to the church and back without it overheating... oh, and a trip to the doctor for me and impending elbow x-ray.

We had Exeter Plumbing install it. We are going to make this one last FOREVER. There are a few guys from church who could probably install it for you!