Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take Root Downward, Produce Fruit Upward

For months now (since January) I have been going out to our Chinese Pistache trees to look for any signs of life or growth. All winter they just looked like sticks... skinny, little sticks coming out of the ground. About 3 weeks ago I began to notice very slight green "something" at the ends of the sticks. A week or so later they were actually growing something!! Now, our little trees have leaves on them!!! Not only that, but the roses we transplanted from the neighbor's yard are growing and have flowers on them!!
Spring is wonderful because it gives me a sense of hope again which I need and probably most people need. All winter it looked like nothing was happening, but there was something happening!! The roots were going down into the ground. We (and the rain) watered the trees and rose bushes, but still we didn't see anything happening. Now, we can see that there was something happening! I think this is the way God works. I don't always see (in fact, I rarely do) what He is doing in my life (or family, or church), and to me it looks like nothing is happening, but all along, as I take time to read my Bible, pray, and do my fair share (and more) or ranting and questioning and wondering, God is working. My roots are going down deep. Strong winds, I'm told, have the effect of loosening the ground so that roots can go deeper. There have been strong winds. So, roots go down and eventually fruit (or leaves, or roses) spring up! Yesterday I was reading and found this verse; "the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward... the zeal of the LORD will do this." (2 Kings 19:30-31)
This gave me a sense of hope which I have needed lately. I want to be productive, fruitful... I want to take root downward and produce fruit upward. God will do this if I'm staying close to Him.

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