Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Glad Game

I'm thinking more and more about simple things. I talked about this is a post a while back... being simple, relational, intentional (or something like that). I'm thinking about simple things like being positive and encouraging rather than "gloom and doom". We are going through rough times, all of us. The economy world wide is in a mess. The economy here is a mess. Things are tight, things are tough, but it doesn't really do any good to keep talking about "how bad things are". I'm seeing this, specifically, in our church. Yeah, things have been rough, but what are the GOOD things that are happening? What about faith? What about some hard work and a positive outlook. I know we need to be realistic, but can't we be positive at the same time? I've decided to really make an effort to be positive. People may not remember the old Disney Movie "Pollyanna" (it's next on our Netflix queue). She plays "the glad game".... looking for something positive in everything. I know that I will be happier doing this than always seeing everything that's WRONG in a situation. Really, in the end, it all turns out right. God wins. Actually, He has already won! The time between now and when Jesus comes back is just "mopping up". Let's keep working, keep positive and keep loving and being kind to each other. I'm tired of the other way.

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