Saturday, June 4, 2011

i ________

Jim and I went out to the store this afternoon.  He was wearing his iPray shirt.  I was wearing my iPiano shirt (of which I have no picture... yet.).  No one commented until we were checking out and then the grocery bagger asked about our shirts.   Our choral director has an iDirect shirt (pictured here).   We thought about wearing our shirts to church tomorrow.  After all, I play the piano every Sunday.  Jim preaches (and prays) at church.  
We were talking about how interesting it would be if others at church had shirts according to what they do.  There could be  "iTeach", "iUsher", "iServe", and then there might be, "iGossip", "iComplain", etc.  
Wow, what if we all had shirts that defined what we do?  Scary thought.

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