Monday, June 6, 2011

Those Were the Days

I've been taking an extended trip down memory lane.  There are now two channels that show old TV shows (M*A*S*H, Hogan's Heroes, Bonanza, Get Smart, All in the Family, The Monkees, etc...) and one channel that shows old movies.  We're thoroughly enjoying watching shows we watched when we were, uhm, younger.  On top of that, I was listening to a radio station that plays oldies (103.3 fm).   I don't know, but I think there really is a trend toward "throw-backs".   At stores I see "throw-back" cans and bottles of soda, T-shirts with old slogans... 
My guess is (and it's only a guess) that with things changing so fast in the world around us that we long for simpler times.  For me, watching these shows, hearing the music and seeing sights from 40+ years ago give me a calm sense of security in the midst of so much change and so much uncertainly.   I'm lovin' it.


Steve said...

Unfortunately, Jean, I think the sense of change is only happening in us over 40. The young don't have anything to compare today with, so can't imagine another way of doing things. I also wonder if their brains haven't fully developed in the reasoning department.

Sorry for the over thought analysis. I'll go back to my comic strips.

Jeano said...

I think you're right. Yes, they don't know any different. I keep wondering what my parents would think of all the changes. My dad saw a lot, but my mom has been gone almost 10 years. There's been so much change in that amount of time. (Though I think my mom would be on Facebook and have like 2000 friends!)