Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time with my kids.... priceless!

So, this is how my day went....
8:30 - 11:00 - Piano students (got paid by 2 of them!)
11:15 - Checked online bank account to see how much my "paycheck" will be from the school district.  Found out it was more than I expected (!).  Made a shopping (grocery) list.
12:15 - Re-heated random leftovers for lunch - the cupboards are officially bare.
1:15 - Practiced with 2 gals who are going to sing the National Anthem for our local fireworks celebration on July 4th.
2:00 - Went by the church where we both work part time... got our checks for this month. Went home and finished my grocery list.
3:30 -  Went to the bank, deposited checks, got out some money and went straight to the store.
4:00 - With my 4 kids (3 teens and one pre-teen) we divided up the list, checked prices, shopped wisely and got out the there with $11 change.
5:00 - As a reward, we stopped at A&W for 6 "Slushies" (got one for Jim, too) and spent $10.37 of our change.  :)
5:15 - Home, unloaded and put away groceries then indulged in our Slushies (only 2 points on Weight Watchers!).
Best part of the day (aside from getting paid, which is always nice) -  spending time with my kids.  Not only do I love them, I like them a lot!!  
They are such fun!  I am truly blessed!
Good day today!

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