Thursday, August 5, 2010

The First of Firsts

This morning we dropped off our youngest at her new school.  She'll be a "Warrior" this year in middle school.  In about 10 days one of our twins will start school at the local Junior College... he'll be a "Giant".  A few days later, our 11th grader begins at a new school as a "Pioneer".  Finally, we'll take our other twin son out to Ohio where he will begin college as a "Yellow Jacket".  Four kids, four different schools....  four different starting days.  No group picture this year... well, except for this one from the mountains.


Steve said...

Whatever their mascot, they are still God's gift to you and Jim. Enjoy!

Jeano said...

We so enjoy them...more and more. They all think it's pretty cool to be four different mascots! :)