Saturday, August 14, 2010


 We shopped today.  It was fun to see him pick out stuff for college and then but it with his own money!
We did buy him a big suitcase to help carry some of this stuff to Ohio.  He is maturing and seems so excited (eager?) to enter this new phase of life.


Mom of an Airman said...

Jean -
I remember doing this with James. We thought we had everything he would need, until we stood in his horribly hot dorm room. It was another trip to WalMart for a fan, hangers, ... It seemed his list of "needs" would never end. And then we said good-bye and I cried half way home. And we were only an hour away!! My prayers are with you, Mom!!

Jeano said...

Thanks, Win! Yeah, I'm figuring we'll be making several trips out to get him more stuff! I'll probably cry the whole flight home and then some! Coming back home to his empty room will be hard!!!