Saturday, August 28, 2010

Letting Them Go

This is the book I'm reading now.  I tell ya, I thought the first part of parenting was challenging.  This next phase is even harder.  The French have a phrase "Deformation profesionnelle"  (like the default on a computer... like when you continue to do something that you've done for so many years.)  I can't seem to stop being the mom I always have been for my "away at college" son.
We haven't talked to him since we got back home last Sunday.  I see him on Facebook from time to time (o.k. I'm stalking him on there, what can I say?).  I miss that every day contact with him.  
As my daughter quoted on Facebook, if there were not changes we would not have butterflies.  So true.  But sometimes I just like the cocoon. 

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