Monday, August 23, 2010

New Normal

 I hear this phrase a lot lately.  With so many changes the old "normal" isn't normal any more.  Life is about changes and adjustments.  I guess if there aren't changes then we become stagnant.  With Joseph away now at school we are adjusting to life with a family of 5 at home.  It's strange.  But, this is a normal part of life and I am so THRILLED for where Joseph is and what he is experiencing and will experience. 
One of the many wonderful moments of the weekend at Cedarville was when the incoming Freshman class (of 1000 students) sat in the middle of the chapel and the parents stood around them and prayed for them.  The president of the college reminded us "They (our kids) are not yours any way!  God loves them far more than you ever could."  We also had the privilege and joy of meeting the school of pharmacy professors.  They told us (as we gathered) that they have been praying for each of the 48 new pharmacy students since they were accepted into the school.  Can I say it again?  We are THRILLED for where Joseph is!  Academically the school is one of the top schools in the country.  Spiritually, the atmosphere is wonderful.  Joseph will be nurtured and challenged.
All of this makes this "new normal" okay. 


Steve said...

Sounds like a great place for Joseph to take the next step in life's journey. Or anyone for that matter.

A friend with four children tole me years ago that when you added a child we as parents didn't seem to notice, but when they leave there was a gap that takes a while to figure out.

Mom of an Airman said...

Jean -
Having "been there, done that" as parents, we KNOW where you're at right now. Joe and I have been praying for you and Jim. Though you know Joseph is where God wants him, doing what God wants him to do, there are still very lonely and tough moments as a parent. We used to say that this was the toughest part of parenting ... the "letting go". So, know that we continue to pray with you for Joseph and for you and Jim during these days of the "new normal".